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ATV Insurance


An ATV is defined as any 2 or 3 wheeled vehicle plus specific vehicles with 4 or more wheels designed primarily for off-road use. All ATVs must be insured on an automobile policy. The driver must carry proof of insurance at all times.

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Did You Know?

 If crossing a highway on an off-road vehicle and/or an ATV, as defined in the Off-Road Vehicles Act of Ontario, the operator must be in possession of a valid driver's license.

 Persons under 12 years of age are not permitted to drive an ATV except on land occupied by the vehicle's owner and WHILE under the close supervision of an adult.

Road Use

Pursuant to the Off-Road Vehicle Act, off-road vehicles are prohibited from travelling on highways, subject to the following limited exceptions:

 Operators may drive their ATV directly across certain roads.

 A farmer may drive an ATV on a road when the ATV is being used for farming operations. A slow moving vehicle sign must be displayed on the rear of the vehicle.

 When operating a single person ATV do not carry passengers. A passenger changes the weight distribution of the vehicle from the initial design and inhibits the ability of the driver to shift his / her position on the vehicle for control and stability.


A highway is defined to include a common and public highway, street, avenue, parkway, driveway, square, place, bridge, viaduct or trestle, any part of which is intended for, or used by the general public for the passage of vehicles and includes that area between the lateral property lines.

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 Ride safe and sober.

 Ride at moderate speeds.

 Wear reflective clothing, an approved helmet and protect your eyes.

 Know basic first aid.

 Know your machine and keep it in good running condition.

 Do not carry passengers on ATVs.


The Information on this website was obtained from the Official Off-Road Vehicles Handbook.

For More Information

Obtain your own copy of the Official Off-Road Vehicles Handbook, from a retail store, a Driver Examination Office or a Vehicle License Issuing Office near you - or you can order it directly from:


General Publishing Co. Ltd.

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or by calling:

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