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North Blenheim Mutual Insurance -home insurance

Home Insurance:

There’s No Place Like Home

Home insurance is one of most important purchases you’ll ever make.


Your home is more than the four walls that keeps your family together and safe, it’s the hub of activity for your busy day-to-day life, a space filled with irreplaceable memories, and likely, the biggest investment you’ll ever make.


In addition to industry standard coverages we also bring you:

"Home Systems Protection" to provide breakdown coverage for the systems and equipment you depend on to provide heating and cooling, hot water, electricity, communications and backup power. Coverage also includes breakdown-related loss of use and spoilage expenses.

"Service Line Coverage" to pay for repairs or replacement of exterior underground service lines which accidentally break down. Service lines bring utilities such as water, waste disposal and natural gas to your home from the street and are easily damaged by tree roots and freezing. You are responsible for repairs or replacement if the damage occurs on your property, or off your premises, if you are legally responsible for it.


Our experienced agents and brokers will meet you face to face to answer questions and create a customized, comprehensive, and affordable coverage plan.

Home owner insurance- ON

We offer a




  Tenant Insurance

  Seasonal Dwelling

  Mobile Home

  Student Package

personal liability insurance



  Valuable home contents insurance including: jewelry, fine arts, collectibles, tools, musical instruments, electronic equipment


  Identity theft and fraud prevention including protection against fraudulent use of your credit cards, debit cards, and cheques

  Public liability (personal liability insurance): losses you are legally liable for if someone sues you because you injured them or damaged their property

fire extinguishers home


North Blenheim Mutual ADVANTAGE:

  All insurance claims are processed in-­house for a quick, seamless, and hassle-­free completion

  An onsite inspection is included with all policy premiums, allowing us to:

  Detect hazards and promote safety for you and your family

Make expert recommendations which will prevent losses

  Take photos, as required, which will ensure your file is accurately represented

  Get your fire extinguishers serviced or refilled on us, no charge to policyholders

First time home buyer


  Your house is new (built in the last 10 years)

  You have an alarm system

  You are 50 or older

  You have more than one line of business with North Blenheim Mutual

  You’ve been a North Blenheim Mutual client for five years or more

  You’re a first-time home buyer

  You are claims free

  Loyalty and Claims Free Extension — A parent’s loyalty and claims-free discounts may be extended to a new application for their children’s dwelling or contents package.

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