Making a Claim

At North Blenheim Mutual, we've worked hard to develop a reputation for superior insurance claims service with personal concern. We offer claims service that's caring, fast, and fair.

What’s my first step after I’ve had a loss?

As soon as you can, contact one of our agents or our office.

During regular business hours (Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm), call us at 519-454-8661 or 1-800-665-6888

After hours please email or contact your agent.

Start a Claim

What do I need to know about a property loss?

  • Do make every effort to secure your property and prevent further loss. Notify the police if necessary.
  • Do contact us with the following information:
    • An address and telephone number where you can be contacted
    • Record in as much detail as possible the loss event
    • Your policy number
  • Don't start any repairs without your agent evaluating the damage first

What do I need to know about an auto loss?

  • Do call the police if necessary- get your responding officer’s name and badge number
  • Do get as much of the following information as possible:
    • Names, addresses, telephone numbers, insurance companies and policy numbers of all parties involved, and witnesses
    • Address and telephone number of the location of your vehicle, if towed
  • Don't discuss blame with other the other party involved
  • Don't be pressured into signing work orders at unfamiliar shops