Loss Prevention

Protecting your future

Helping our policyholders prevent loss is a big part of what we do.

The financial implication of loss due to a fire or theft, for example, are just a part of the picture. Losses like old family photos or a child’s much-loved toy simply cannot be replaced. Then, there are the practical matters too. Replacing lost items, getting quotes, and scheduling repairs take time out of your already busy schedule.

North Blenheim Mutual takes preventing a loss seriously, so you and your family can focus on the important things.

The North Blenheim Mutual Loss Prevention Program

An onsite inspection is included with all policy premiums, allowing us to:

  • Detect hazards and promote safety for you and your family
  • Make expert recommendations which will prevent losses
  • Take photos, as required, which will ensure your file is accurately represented
  • Get your fire extinguishers serviced or refilled on us, no charge to you