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North Blenheim Mutual Insurance Company -about

An Insurance Company with a Difference

Serving Oxford County and surrounding area for over 160 years, we have the experience and extensive knowledge to serve all your needs including home, auto, commercial, and farm insurance.

  We are committed to providing you with an expeditious, competitive insurance quote

• 11 agents and 10 brokers with a wide range of expertise


Our commitment to continuing education means we are well versed in the latest insurance products and changing laws that impact your coverage

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We're People Centered

While online insurance companies claim to have you covered in an emergency, we believe the first step to getting our clients the right coverage is to meet you face to face, listen to your concerns, and formulate the right plan. Why do we think this is so important? Because in a time of crisis you need to talk to an agent or broker who knows your family, your lifestyle, and your coverage.

• Whenever possible, we want to write our policies after meeting with you in person, not over the phone.

  All insurance claims are processed in-­house for a quick, seamless, and hassle-­free completion.

 All calls are answered by a person rather than a machine, and emails and voicemails are usually returned the same business day, often within an hour.

We're Community Driven

For over a century we’ve been a part of the community in Bright, ON. We take great pride in our 100% Canadian ownership and small town roots. We believe it’s the responsibility of local businesses to help communities thrive and we back our words with actions.

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How Can North Blenheim Mutual Insurance Help Your Organization?

Our digital sign is available to advertise your community message. Email for details.


If you’re interested in receiving sponsorship for your community-based initiative, please complete a Charitable Donation Request Application 

Why Choose a Mutual Insurance Company?

So, what is a mutual insurance company, you ask? We are a community-based insurance company owned and run by our policyholders. We began operating over 150 years ago to meet the insurance needs of local farmers and have grown and expanded our insurance lines to include home, auto, and commercial insurance packages.

North Blenheim Mutual Insurance -why us

How Are We Different from Other Insurance Companies?

  • Insurance that gives back
    We strive to charge only what we need to, and if our Board of Directors deems that we have collected more than we need for the claims presented to us, we give back! We have mailed refund cheques 6 times in the last 10 years.
  • Proudly Canadian and owned by you
    We are a Canadian company owned and run by our policyholders. Our board of directors are members of your community and are elected by our policyholders at our annual meeting. The board meets once a month to direct and guide the company.
  • Non-profit philosophy
    We operate on a non-profit philosophy. Our sources of income are policy premiums and investment income, and our expenses consist of claims and administration costs. Any surplus remains in the company and benefits our policyholders by reducing their premiums and ensuring the financial stability of the company. This non-profit philosophy means your insurance dollar is working hard for you.
  • Strength in numbers
    We are affiliated with a large group of mutual insurance companies, most of whom are like us, and have been operating for over 150 years. As a group, we are among the most financially secure insurers in the world and are one of the largest property insurers in Ontario. We have the strength and stability that guarantees claims can be paid in the event of a disaster. Each mutual backs every other mutual through the Fire Mutuals Guarantee Fund and the Farm Mutual Reinsurance Plan Inc. which ensures that we will be there for you when you need us.
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