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Agents & Brokers

Serving Oxford County and surrounding area for over 160 years, we have the experience and extensive knowledge to serve all your needs including home, auto, commercial, and farm insurance.

  We are committed to providing you with an expeditious, competitive insurance quote

• 11 agents and 10 brokers with a wide range of expertise


Our commitment to continuing education means we are well versed in the latest insurance products and changing laws that impact your coverage

We're Community Driven

For over a century we’ve been a part of the community in Bright, ON. We take great pride in our 100% Canadian ownership and small town roots. We believe it’s the responsibility of local businesses to help communities thrive and we back our words with actions.


In 2015 we donated almost $25,000 in support of youth sports teams and charities. We’ve taken the initiative to implement our own programs like the John Hofstetter Memorial Scholarship.

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Board of Directors

North Blenheim Mutual Insurance Company- Agents & Brokers

Agent/Broker Compensation

North Blenheim Mutual Insurance Company offers property and casualty insurance products through a combination of exclusive agents and independant brokers. Our distributors must act with honesty, integrity and hold themselves to a high ethical standard in their dealings with both the customer and the insurer.



We compensate our agents/brokers in two ways:


Firstly, they earn a commission which is a fixed percentage of the premium you pay. We support and respect our agents/brokers and know from experience that they will provide you with the expert advice, choice and excellent service you require. The rate of commission varies depending on the type of agent and the line of business as illustrated in the table below.

Broker All Business

Secondly, North Blenheim Mutual Insurance Company recognizes the efforts of the agents/brokers in managing their book of business through a contingent profit commission. The performance bonus is not guaranteed. It is based on the profitability of the agent/brokers book of business. It represents a small percent of the overall expenses of operation and does not affect the approval of a premium refund to North Blenheim Mutual's property policyholder members.

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