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What's new from North Blenheim?

2019 Financial Statement

We are pleased to share our 2019 Financial Statement as we celebrate 158 years
with our valued policyholders!

2019 Financial Statement

After Hours Claims

Call our after hours claims service at 1-833-53CLAIM (1-833-532-5246) for professional claims service when you need it most.

Relax - we've got you covered

Your house insurance policy with North Blenheim is better than ever.
- When mechanical and electrical equipment in your home simply break down, we've got you covered. (See Home Systems Protection in your policy for details).

- When underground piping and outdoor wiring that your own are damaged, we've got you covered. (See Service Line Coverage in your policy for details)

- If a flood or surface water cause damage to your home or contents, we've got you covered. (See your policy for limits included, and talk to your agent about the option to purchase more).

The History of the Ontario Mutuals - Podcast with John Taylor

Click Here to listen to John Taylor, CEO of the Ontario Mutuals, tell the story of how we came to be.

What's different about North Blenheim?

We’re an insurer that still believes in putting people first

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Our roots in farming insurance go deep

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Our policyholders are our owners

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We navigate the way to comprehensive car insurance

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Our commercial insurance delivers the goods

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We’re a mutual that believes home is where the heart is

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