These are very different times, but our priorities haven't changed.

Covid-19 has required us to close our doors to the public and transition staff to work from home. We have pulled together to change workflows and find new ways to make it work.
Today, our levels of service in every department are as strong as they were before the pandemic, and we continue to look for ways to innovate our daily tasks.

The safety of our staff and our members came first, but throughout the transition, service from our dedicated team remained and will remain strong.

How do you reach us?

Your first line of contact, as always, is your agent or broker. Contact information for them can be found on the "Our Team" page.
Payment inquiries can be directed by email to:
During regular business hours new claims and claims inquiries can be emailed to or new claims can be submitted through the web site.
After hours claims can be called in to 1-833-532-5246.


We have implemented some additional flexibility for members who are facing financial hardship as a result of COVID-19, and a reduction in NSF fees for members with a good payment history.
Payment can be made through online banking, email transfer, credit card, or by non-cash payment via mail or to the secure drop box at our west doors.

How can I save on car insurance?

If you are no longer commuting to work, or are no longer driving your vehicle at all, please reach out to your agent or broker.
If your car is leased or financed please refer to your agreement before removing coverage.
Though change requests are significantly increasing, we are currently processing and mailing policy changes within 5 business days.
If you are a G2 driver and currently getting the graduated licensing discount, we will leave your discount on the policy at renewal providing your driving history has not changed. We understand that you can't get your G license until the license offices open.

What if the use of my vehicle has temporarily changed?

If you are temporarily using your vehicle for deliveries please let your agent or broker know. In some situations we may document the temporary change, but it will depend on the circumstances. We are unable to provide coverage for meal delivery.

What if I am providing daycare during COVID-19

We will waive the charge for daycare in the home if you are providing temporary childcare services for parents who are considered an essential service, providing you are operating within your local by-laws.

Do I need to change my policy if I am now working from home?

Your policy includes coverage for business tools such as laptops, etc. Please review to be sure there is enough coverage.

What if my business closes?

Many small businesses have had to close their doors. Closing temporarily due to COVID-19 will not deem your building to be vacant for insurance purposes. Premium adjustments may be available for businesses that are significantly impacted in terms of inventory, gross receipts, etc.

How is North Blenheim providing consumer and community relief?

To date we have refunded $75,000 to our members in premium reductions. We have committed over $55,000 in community relief, with direct input from our staff to be sure funds are directed where we see a need, including food banks, hospitals and hospices.

The very nature of a Mutual is that we have a unique mechanism to give back to our members through a "Refund from Surplus". Our Board of Directors (made up of members) will evaluate the financial position of the company at each year end and make a decision based on the overall picture for the year. When more premium has been collected than is needed, we put thousands of cheques in the mail, and have been pleased to do so 6 years out of the last 10.