We are family

As a mutual insurance company, we’re part of the community, and it’s our commitment to support it by sponsoring groups and individuals in our area who lift us all up by their actions.

How does it work?

We make our sponsorships in each calendar year following a year where North Blenheim Mutual Insurance Company earned a profit. The aggregate annual limit is one percent (1%) of the net income earned by North Blenheim Mutual Insurance Company during the previous year. The amount is specified within the budget of North Blenheim Mutual Insurance Company.

Our Board of Directors reviews all incoming requests on the donation requests form.

From time-to-time, small donations of $250 or less will be granted by the President, as the budget dictates.

Who will get sponsored?

  • We’ll be looking to sponsor groups or individuals who have demonstrated that they’ve used donated funds effectively in the past.
  • Sponsorships are typically made to charitable organizations that are recognized by the CRA and are authorized to issue tax receipts.